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The Process

Decluttering and reorganizing your home can be a daunting task! Letting someone into your space, especially with the goal of changing things, can be overwhelming and stressful. Our goal is to make the process as pain-free, healing, and fun as possible.

In preparation, here are the basic steps: 

The Consulation

A free one-hour meeting in your home

  • A time to ask questions, give context, and get to know one another​

  • Finally, we'll discuss time-frames, necessary organization tools, scheduling, and pricing

  • Don't clean before our visit! I need to see exactly what we're dealing with so I can give you an accurate estimate


The Project

We embark on the journey to building a rejuvenating centered home! 

  • Make sure you are well rested and well fed before we begin! Wear clothing you are comfortable working in for multiple hours

  • Whatever room(s) we end up working in, we will start with the center clutter, then go from one end and make our way around the room

  • As we go, you will sort your things into different piles: keep, donate, trash/recycling

  • Once we've touched everything (yes, everything!) and we've rounded up the keepers, we will set up organizational systems  to give each thing a home 

The Maintenance 

Armed with the new systems we've designed to set you up for success, it's up to you to maintain your space

  • After using something, make sure it goes back to its proper home

  • When bringing new things home, make sure you put it away with like items (and ensure that it is something you truly need/love)

  • Life will always be a bit messy and that's okay! If you fall behind, schedule times with yourself to get caught up

  • I am always available for extra support and advice, free-of-charge, after our work together is done

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