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Reconnective professional organizing and de-cluttering

No matter how evolved our societies become, humans are a species of the natural world. There is a reason why we reach for nature when we seek peace. There’s less noise, fewer people and things to burden and overwhelm us. Sustainability is a system’s ability to support itself over time. The natural ecosystems around us that continue to thrive (or sustain themselves) do so because they are only made up of active members of their communities. Every species in a sustainable ecosystem is there for a reason and performs those tasks. Why can’t we humans find that same coexistence and peace within our homes?


We can. But sometimes it takes some help to see through to the other side. That’s why we’re here!


Open Spaces founder Youna Fradin searched countless professional organizing and de-cluttering sites before she found a handful that truly understood what a healthy home looks like. To her, it isn’t a cookie-cutter process made easier by the five same recommended organizing tools on Amazon. What each of us needs is a home. Everyone’s definition of that is different. That’s why she founded Open Spaces. To give everyone the chance to sort through all the stuff clouding them from themselves and their peace of mind. To be that second opinion and helping hand for each person looking for a fresh start, a new perspective, or just some peace of mind in the clutter of daily life. 


These are the pillars we operate on:

  1. Functionality 

    1. Does the space and the objects within it work for you or do you have to do the work for them?

    2. Does everything have a place and is everything in its place? 

  2. Sustainability

    1. Less waste/materialism - we use the organization tools you already have before buying more

    2. Self-sustaining organizational systems 

  3. Heart 

    1. Is it joyful? 

    2. is it meaningful? 

    3. Is it your own? 

open spaces founder Youna Fradin

 Youna Fradin

Founder of Open Spaces 

Hey! My name is Youna Fradin.

I'm a mental-health supporter, a creative problem-solver, and an empathic leader. I'm a big believer in small steps leading to big change and I think learning from one another is one of the greatest parts of being human. 

I started this business after living with six very different people and realizing I had the skills to find unique and sustainable organization solutions that would work for all of us. 

I am calm, efficient, and thorough. I know that cleaning a space is a difficult and often-emotional process.  I founded Open Spaces as a way to help people throughout that process, bringing them peace of space while making sure to maintain the vision and heart of a place. I believe that order and cleanliness don't require sacrificing uniqueness and individuality. 

When I'm not organizing, I'm climbing, riding my bike, visiting the farmer's market, working in my garden, studying for my Master's in Social Work, dreaming up a travel plan, or reading a book!

Let’s Work Together!

Contact me to schedule a consultation: 

Youna Fradin 

(828) 206-3676 (call or text) 

Ask me about virtual consultations and services! 

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