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We work with you to create functional and sustainable systems that fit your unique needs, goals, and personality, so you can enjoy a welcoming and relaxing space that works for YOU! 

There's no such thing as failing at organizing. Sometimes life gets busy or we haven't yet learned how to build a system that works for us. Works For Us. That's the key word. We live in a competitive society that likes to put people into boxes. We're conditioned to think that, if we're not Type A, we can't have an organized and functional home. 

At Open Spaces, we say NO to cookie-cutter systems and performative o
rganizing, and YES to working with each person's goals and emotional/physical needs to create a space that works for them!  You hire us to ask questions, bring a new perspective, and break the de-cluttering process down into shame-free, bite-size, manageable steps. 

We've seen firsthand how personalizing systems to the individual, designing a home based on who they are and what they need, is often all it takes to make lasting change. 
Everyone deserves a
welcoming and relaxing space to exist in!
Contact us today to schedule a consultation


Whether you've got a cluttered living space or desktop, a big project or small, we've got you covered! Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

Virtual Consultations & Organizing Sessions

Feeling overwhelmed by a busy schedule and small organizing projects you can't get ahead on? Worried about illness? Need guidance, but feel like you've got most of it under control?

We offer zoom sessions for social-distanced advice and moral support! If, after a one-hour virtual consultation, you still want more guidance, we can schedule a virtual or in-person organizing session. 

In-home Consultations & Organizing Sessions

Ideal for large projects and more in-depth, hands-on guidance. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and hands can make a big difference in decision-making and system-building!

We work side-by-side to create open spaces following our pillars of Functionality, Sustainability, and Heart that you can feel happy living in, based on your unique needs and personality.


We will donate any possessions you no longer want to keep, for free! 

Smaller Computer, Email, Filing Projects

Is there a mess that you don't feel like dealing with (maybe it's too big, too complicated, or just too boring)? We can help!

Following a virtual or in-person consultation discussing the task and specifics or what your goals and needs are, we'll take care of it for you! Rest assured, we won't dispose of anything without double-checking first. 

Virtual Session Pricing

No consultation necessary

$30 / hr,

minimum 1 hour per project 

We accept cash, check, PayPal and Venmo!

In-Person Session Pricing

Free one hour consultation 

Pay what you can afford (Sliding Scale): $50-$80/hr

minimum 3 hours per project 

Happy to travel, additional costs apply

"Youna is kind and helpful and together we were able to declutter and organize my room in just one evening. She helped me stay on track and had many great suggestions for organizing my room in a way that made sense to me! It is now a space that I can truly enjoy being in. Would highly recommend!"


(Carrboro, NC)

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